The Facts About Kansas Umbrella Insurance

We all understand that life can be unpredictable. As a result, we are often required to prepare for the unknown. Umbrella insurance takes the sting out of the unknown by providing a safety net that covers assets and circumstances that may not be covered by your insurance. In fact, umbrella insurance covers the claims that may exceed your current auto, home, or renter’s policy. For example, umbrella insurance can be beneficial when it comes to protecting your assets from unforeseen circumstances like accidents or other situations where you might be deemed responsible for damages or bodily injury. The Miller Insurance Store of Kansas can help you select a policy suited for your particular situation.

How Much Umbrella Insurance is Enough?

Your umbrella insurance should cover what your homeowner's and auto policy don't. In other words, your liability limits on both policies should dictate how much umbrella insurance you need. The limits for this type of insurance starts in increments of one million and can go up to five million.

What Isn't Covered by Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance has the ability to create real peace of mind because it picks up where your liability policy for your homeowners and auto policies stop. However, certain things simply aren't covered by this type of insurance. Umbrella insurance will not cover damage to your own home or car. However, if you have assets that you feel need protection, this type of insurance can be very beneficial to you and offer protection from lawsuits and other potential financial ruin.

Umbrella insurance creates peace of mind in situations that may be unfavorable to you or your personal assets. Call the Miller Insurance Store to discuss your insurance needs. We are here to help. We understand how beneficial this type of insurance can be in situations where you have assets that may need protection. Contact our agents today and we can help you get a quote on an umbrella insurance policy.

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